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"You promised you'd take us to Mai Thai!!"

The crusade to paradise in Ko Samet.

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So after a few days in the stifling madness of bangkok myself and lorraine decided it was well time to beach it up and sun ourselves for a bit, and sure why not! So Ko Samet was the decided destination at only a mere 3 hrs away
by bus from bangkok - or so we thought as the trip turned out to be something of an adventure!

The start should have been a hint as to how the rest of it would turn out! Our taxi pulled up at the Eastern Bus station in Bangkok (Ekamai) and some fella started banging on the window straight away, he found out where we were goin and then grabbed lorraines bag and ran into the station with it! Lorraine's northside took over and she legged it in after him with me tagging along behind with the other bag! turned out he was our bus conductor and was just in a rush - he ended up being quite the strange character. So got on the '3 hour direct bus' to Ban Phe where we were to then get a ferry to Ko Samet. After watching the new Rambo movie on the bus really loud (thats one shite film! Think its got a bigger body count then even Total Recall!) we slowly figured out that this WASNT the direct bus as it was painfully stoppping at every stop possible. The conductor guy was another fan of Boyzone and sat beside us serenading us for a while, was one of those should i laugh along or just tell him to fuck off moments!

So after SEVEN hours of numb ass boredom and strangeness we stop in a city called Rayong where the conductor tells us and 4 french lads who were also goin to Ko Samet that its our stop?? We have to get a taxi another 20 minutes to Ban Phe and then get the ferry - but its now 6 o'clock (when we thought the last ferry was) and gettin dark cos the bus took so long??

'Oh its ok its ok last ferry at 7 last ferry at 7' he says.....and then it happened, the calm collected lynders suddenly snapped - she'd had enough!
Only thing was in her rage, she forgot the name of where we were supposed to be goin and for some reason replaced 'Ban Phe' with the popular cocktail, 'Mai Thai'?? Lorraine is shouting at the Thai guy in frustration
"You promised you'd take us to mai thai! you promised you'd take us to mai thai! You know you lied to us dont pretend you dont we should be in Mai Thai!"
I try to interrupt "Eh Lorraine we're actually goin to..." but she doesnt hear me, so what else can i do but laugh at Lynders goin mad at some poor thai bastid for not taking us to a rum, vodka and milk cocktail??!!

So we jumped in the back of a thai taxi called a sawnthaw (a pick up truck basically) with the french lads (who were bang-on luckily) and get dropped off in Ban Phe. Of course the last ferry was at 6 so we've to charter a speedboat to the island. It was pitch black and the speedboat was flying along sending us all over the place in the back - it was great craic! although i fell and split myself twice in a row and couldnt get back on my seat, lorraine insists it was hilarious??!! 20 mins later we get dropped off in the middle of a beautiful bay and wade to shore with our bags. Finally, we had made it 9 hrs after leaving bangkok.


We said our farewells to the frenchies who didnt want a beer the same as myself and lynders NEEDED one (as usual one meant many) and then checked into our 1st beach bungalow. It was pretty sweet apart from the odd cockroach (found one in my sealed backpack the cheeky bastard!), the wild jungle noises from outside, and someone trying to get in at 3 in the morning! We slept under a mosquito net for the 1st time, although it was more like a sleeping bag
for lorraine the hogger! needless to say we upgraded the next day!


So anyway after all that adventure, Ko Samet itself is just stunning! Snow white soft sand and clear green warm
seas on deserted beaches lined with palm trees. The small bars and restaurants that line the beach are all family
run and serve delicious food. We spent our time sitting in beanbags/chairs on the beach drinking with the sea
lapping around our ankles watching the seemingly everpresent lightning storms in the distance - its just paradise!


One night the staff just closed up and left us sitting at our table with a few drinks and an old parafin lamp. We ran
out of beer and did the Irish thing and bought some cans to keep going it was just so perfect, we really didnt
want it to end! But we had to get ourselves together and get goin so after 5 days of gorging and outright laziness we jumped on the ferry to the mainland............and this time got the right 3 hr bus back to bangkok!


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Bangkok! Temples, bars, neon madness, monks & ladyboys!

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Ah so the first leg of the epic adventures of Lynmoo started with us touching down in Bangkok around 4 in the afternoon last sunday, everything seemed to go fairly smoothly getting here apart from a couple of pikeys causing a fuss on the plane (i think they could've been from wexford!). We got through immigration no bother and jumped in a taxi to Khao San road the backpackers hangout of Bangers.

Right so first impressions of bangkok - just a bit mental really! We jumped out of the cab at the bottom of khoa san road and strolled up to the D&D Inn where we thought we had a reservation (turns out we didnt, thanks for that Simey!) but wasnt any prob. Khoa San road really reminded us of any strip in a resort like Gran Canaria/Benidorm or somewhere - lots of bars, stalls, and English/Irish on the piss! Could even hear Aslan playing in a bar somewhere! But there are lots of big differences obviously...such as all the Thai street vendors selling noodles and spring rolls and lots of other stuff, tucked straight into some egg noodles and they were top notch! The heat is stiffling and the air is thick and syrupy if that makes sense?? doesnt smell the may west either but all that said, the place is shit cool! Myself and Lorraine really liked the madness and chaos of it all....and you can get everything for nothing in the stalls!




Ok so who's with me in thinking Rob's first impressions are a bit lame ha ha... ah im kidding!!Well we got here perfectly fine... the flight was long but i slept for the majority of it.. It was really weird when we arrived because i dont think that it had dawned on us that we would be away for 6 mths.. One min i was doing shots with the girls in Keelings & the next min im stepping off the plane in Bangkok..I guess Bangkok is a bit strange in the fact that its quite similar to a resort... Khao San road is just mental - it reminded me of Ayia Napa, Bars everywhere... People drunk everywhere... Mc Donalds & Burger King ??? So i guess my first impression would be that... however there were a couple of things that would set it apart from any other resort & i guess the food would be one thing. Every couple of steps you take you will bump into a street vendor selling noodles, fruit, and fried insects (Yuck!!) Apart from the deep fried bugs the food is pretty amazing. Like everyone i was expecting alot a sleaze & to see alot of prostitution but its not too 'in your face', We have been asked to attend numerous ping pong shows & you can see the 'ladies of the night' out strutting their stuff but they dont hassle you & you feel very safe walking around. Myself & Rob just walked down the strip trying to spot out the lady boys ha ha (i know we have problems) Its kinda tough.. Some of the Women are stunning!! Kev you would love it :)



We went to check out the Grand Palace the next day and do the whole 'tourist' thing, didnt really have much of a clue where we were goin but knew enough to keep telling the hustlers where to go! The traffic in Bangkok is crazy on th main roads, i have to keep a close eye on Lynders - she tends to keep forgetting the auld safe cross code! We got caught in our first (of many probably) thunderstorm while queing to get into the palace. The rain is seriously heavy, like standing in a power shower on full blast while someone else chucks buckets of water on you too. The thunder is deafening loud and the lightening cracks down right in front of you - we loved it though laughing at some japanese tourists screaming at the thunder.....you'd think they'd be more used to it though?! gve up on the whole tourist thing for the day and got soaked walking back to the hotel.

Our first proper night in Bangkok we found a quality streetside restaurant about 5 mins away where these 2 thai lads where singing all chilled out tunes it was class, the food was savage as well.

- a quick note re the thais....they love cheesy ballad tunes and know all the words! everything from ronan keating to nsync they belt out wherever they are. You always hear some waiters just singing 'BAYYBAYYYYY'!!! its quality.

Now it would appear that even the lads over here think myself and lynders are a tad strange, we keep getting asking if we wanna see a peep show or even a ping pong show!! to be honest.....im kinda curious just what the hell happens at a ping pong show! but not curious enough to go along! Oh yeah and just strolling along the street we bumped into a baby elephant and i fed him some veggies. Then i got tucked into some fried insects! They were actually pretty good! Tasted like soy flavoured crisps!

Checked out the Grand Palace the next day in the blazing sunshine. The Palace itself is awesome, beautiful gold buildings and temples, and Lorraine looked hot in her sarong that she had to borrow from the front desk to get in! But it was just so hot we couldnt really take it all in, the sweat was literally dripping off it was horrible. Lorraine was close to collapsing by the time we got back to the hotel and i wasnt mucg better. Nothing that a good session wouldnt sort out anyway.


Met up with my mate Simon from college who's living in Bangkok with his missus Fon who we met for the 1st time. Kudos to you Simey she's a legend! Had a great night and got nicely toasted! We just sat by the side of the road watching the thunder in the distance and drinking cocktails. A bigger elephant then came along and Lorraine got to feed him but she didnt want to get on his back for some reason??!! Was a great night that we felt all the next day.

Think our time in Bangkok is over now, gettin a bit tired of the chaos and reckon its about time we hit the beaches and just chill the fuck out!

The Highlights of Bangkok for me were :1. The Food2. The general buzz of the place3. The Kings Palace (absolutely stunning)4. Meeting up with Simon & Fon (great night - extremely drunk - only have vague recollections ha ha)5. All the cheap clothes & runners etc (girls you's should come just for the shopping:)

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Its the final countdown...

dadada, dadadaadaaa!!!

[b]So only 24 hours to go til myself and Lorraine start our long anticipated & much awaited travels!
Are we prepared?? who knows - all i know is we land in bangkok on sunday......3 months later we leave for Oz, what we get up to in the meantime is a mystery! sounds prepared enough to me!
Now i had planned on packing all sorts of diff stuff but seein as im transporting a 'present' from Tom to give to Simon ive no room in my bag now, so 2 pairs of shorts and 3 t-shirts should do the trick!! As im gonna be carrying lorraines bag anyway i dont suppose it matters as my back is in trouble regardless!
So we plan on keeping people updated on what we get up to while we're away on this here, blog i believe is what the kids call it these days?! Chances are we'll just get lazy though and this will be the only entry....only time will tell, and until then im just gonna continue humming the title tune....ITS THE FINAL COUNTDOWN DU DU DU DUUUU......

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