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Homeward Bound. 30.12.2012
Thanksgiving in Colorado 25.05.2012
America......"F*ck Yeah!" 11.05.2012
Fijian Paradise (The get jealous chapter part deux) 29.12.2011
Hiking Mount Doom with my Precious! 13.12.2010
Up North Down South New Zealand Style. 26.11.2008
"We Have Shells!! We Have Shells! We're So Sorry!" 20.11.2008
The Australian finale in Cairns, Melbourne and Sydney. 05.11.2008
Whales, dingos and home-made boat adventures! 03.11.2008
Landing down under and backwards flushing! 29.10.2008
A sad farewell to South East Asia. 22.10.2008
Angkor WHAT!? Cruising the magnificent temples of Cambodia. 19.10.2008
Merdeka in Malaysia! And evading the religious police.... 06.10.2008
Singapore Fling! 28.09.2008
The 'Get Jealous' chapter! 07.09.2008
'YOU BUY! YOU BUY!' Ahhh Hoi An! 23.08.2008
Good morning VIETNAM!!!! 20.08.2008
No Room at the Inn in Vientiane 18.08.2008
Tubing in the Lor-rainy season! Get it?? Lorraine....rain... 16.08.2008
Luang Prabang......"insert witty comment here"! 16.08.2008
Buns of steel on the slow boat! 29.07.2008
Trekking with the Akha hill tribe. 20.07.2008
Bye Bye Chiang Mai, Hello Chiang Rai! 20.07.2008
Danger on...........THE MOUNTAIN! 13.07.2008
Locked, and locked in with lady boys in Chiang Mai! 13.07.2008
"You promised you'd take us to Mai Thai!!" 01.07.2008
Bangkok! Temples, bars, neon madness, monks & ladyboys! 21.06.2008
Its the final countdown... 06.06.2008